Google Money — SEO Audits for Business Websites

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The only SEO call doubling as a 101 to Search Engines... discover your website's technical mistakes, learn the exact issues that are taking place, empower yourself with the methods to fix them, and return to the organic traffic you remember having.

Stop wasting your time on reports you can't read.

SEO is like the foundation of your house...

it only takes a few cracks (errors)

in the concrete (site setup)

to be condemned (page 13 on Google)

for structural issues (no traffic)

You wouldn't fix your house's foundation without a contractor, stop trying to fix your SEO alone.

Make Analytics Great Again = The ONLY SEO Consultation That Doubles As Your 101 to Current Search Engine Guidelines

Focused on the fundamentals, you'll have the tools to unlock your website's traffic potential.

Content is king, and organic content is the only form of marketing that returns a profit YEARS after its creation.

But all that writing you paid for or typed yourself is doing nothing now if you didn't keep your WordPress updated. (Yes, I went there.)

Here's what Jonathan Pritchard (High-Stakes Biz, Trade Shows, Mentalist) had to say about Make Analytics Great Again:

You'll have the exact checklist of every single line-item that shows up in my reports:

  • Errors - severe technical SEO issues. It does not take many of them to bring a website's domain & page authority down with it. There is no out-keywording or out-contenting your way out of these technical requirements.
  • Warnings - moderate technical SEO issues. Many of these issues deal with how Google 'reads' your content, design, and programming. Although they are not weighed as heavily as Errors, they should be minimized wherever possible - even if this process is ongoing.
  • Notices - least important issues brought up in technical SEO reports. They have to be weighed independently. These don’t have a massive impact but should be considered ongoing SEO thresholds to work towards.

Make Analytics Great Again = The Solution to 'You Don't Know What You Don't Know'

SEO is more than keywords and backlinks.

Its goal is to serve the same people you do.

If you run a business or sell products (physical or digital), you deserve to have your hard work displayed proudly on the first page of Google.

My video audit will empower you to stop ignoring those SEO reports.

  • What are your graphs saying?
  • How does this matter to my business??
  • Where do I begin???

Don't just take my word for it...

Here's what Amazon FBA Wizard Asad Shah had to say about `Make Analytics Great Again:

Got a website for with original content? Traffic not what it used to be a few years ago?

Have you slipped on the last few Google Core updates?

Haven't gotten a straight answer from other SEOs on what to fix?

Make Analytics Great Again - Here's What You're Getting...

  • Loom-style Video Audit
  • Step-by-step instruction to fix your website's technical SEO
  • BONUS #1: Google Sheet of every line item issue found during the call
  • BONUS #2: Suggestions on content, keywords, and intent moving forward

All of this for only $99. Make Analytics Great Again.

WHADDUP - I'm Victor Valentine Romo!

I got my start in SEO a decade ago as a writer and have spent my marketing career teaching businesses and individuals alike the power of organic traffic on their bottom line.

Calling upon my background in music instruction, media production, & content creation, I have honed in a process that is not only simple, but repeatable - I've taught children how to do it.

I have audited over 100 websites - ranging from Enterprise, B2B, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Brick-and-Mortar businesses.

By teaching you to see Search Engine Optimization as a lens, you'll become familiar with the mindset needed to approach SEO outside of just "keywords and backlinks."

If you're tired of doing all that work yourself - or worse, ignoring it, get your website audit now


I'll audit your website's SEO and give you the playbook to getting back into Google's good graces.

Loom Recording
Website Audit
BONUS: All Issues Exported
Google Sheets of every line item issue found during our audit.
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Google Money — SEO Audits for Business Websites

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